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The National Emergencies Trust

How to build a £100m charity

Launched in late 2019, The National Emergencies Trust is an independent charity that collaborates with charities and other bodies to raises money for people affected by UK disasters.

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So here are the launch stats

Organic impressions

First page rankings

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The Challenge...

Boost rankings and traffic for a start up charity launching their first appeal. The National Emergencies Trust launched the Coronavirus Appeal on 18 March 2020, after being founded at the end of 2019.


The Coronavirus Appeal was the first appeal the charity had ever launched, so as you could imagine, the charity had the challenge to grow and gain publicity. The challenge was also increased due to the pandemic having a lot of other content, and as it was in the main headlines, meaning there were a lot of competitors for SEO ranking.

The Solution...

Over a short time period we launched a series of measures to optimise the website. Due to the fact people were imminently affected by the pandemic, we had to act quickly and implement an effective SEO strategy with fast results.


Focusing on localised key phrases to target charities, fundraisers or people wanting to donate, we fully optimised all the website pages in order to give the site the best chance to rank for important phrases.

Once live, regular compliance checks to ensure there were no issues with the way Google viewed the website and that we eradicated problems such as weak pages or duplicate content, which could damage ranking positions.


Due to this appeal being such a big cause related to the pandemic, the site had many links from various other sites of varying quality. We had to be vigilant and review or remove anything that was deemed to be illegitimate to avoid a Google penalty which can result in a loss of rankings.

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Our SEO strategy resulted in National Emergencies Trust gaining over 50 first page rankings, 500+ ranking places, 1.2m page views in 12-months and a 4% bounce rate. This meant that people who wanted to help in the appeal could find the National Emergencies Trust easily. As a result, there was more traffic to the site, which then meant charity growth, and also more attention to the Coronavirus Appeal. Consequently, this led to more traction, more exposure, and therefore more fundraisers, donations, and patrons.

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