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Wild Oyster Holiday Homes

Booking system for the hospitality sector

Wild Osyter is a holiday homes rental company with beautiful properties around the stunning holiday locations of Weymouth and Portland areas.

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The Challenge...

We were approached by the new start-up holiday letting company called ‘Wild Oyster Holiday Homes’, who wanted us to establish their brand and build their website conclusively. The purpose of the website was to encourage both holiday home owners and holiday guests to use Wild Oyster Holiday Homes. This meant that there needed to be a focus for holiday homeowners to let their property with Wild Oyster so that they could manage the property. Alongside this, the other focus was on holiday guests booking their holiday through the site.


With the aim being to attract both these target audiences, the usability of the site had to meet the functions needed. The brand also had to appeal to both of the customer bases too. Taking both of these requirements into account, the requirements included were the web design, full website development, designing a logo, writing all the website copy, seasonal booking features, and using animation over the site.

The Solution...

The website was designed by identifying the main use of the website. Identifying the main function of the website and the target audiences, we built the website with a full booking system with links to several landing pages as well as a blog page.


The client had a specific need for a seasonal booking feature, which meant that the price would change when specific dates were changed. Peak times such as school holidays would need to change to various different price ranges on a week-by-week basis. Therefore, the seasonal booking system added flexibility in price and allowed complete agility in line with business needs. With this being a property-led business, there were other booking sites involved. We made sure that the website worked seamlessly with Airb BnB so that calendars are synced when users try to book accommodation.

Throughout the process of building the website and the brand, we had regular conversations with the client to get their feedback on each part, every step of the way. We provided alternative options so that the client was 100% sure of the decision.


Once the website was complete, we had a final meeting where the client signed off everything. From here, we knew it was important to do a tutorial on how to use the CRM so that the client was comfortable with uploading blogs. Alongside this, we gave them a good understanding of the basics of SEO so that organic reach was maintained. In addition to the tutorial on the CRM system and the guidance with SEO, we also provided the client with a social launch plan in order to fall in line with the business launch. We knew that social media marketing would enhance the growth of the brand and Wild Oyster as a small business that had just started out.

Visit Wild Osyter Holiday Homes here

Click here to see the finished product!


The results were positive and Wild Oyster were extremely happy with the results. The requirements of the brief were met and we assisted Wild Oyster Holiday Homes to establish the brand and build a website to reflect it. From building a website with a full seasonal booking system and payment gateway, with creative copy and a strong SEO strategy, the start-up business began to grow and reach the target audience to use Wild Oyster Holiday Homes.

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