Web Development

We create websites that look good, feel good and perform

from both a user experience perspective and a marketing one – but most importantly we create websites that are found by the search engines.

Have you got seven seconds to spare?

In just seven seconds your website needs to make an impression. As human beings we form impressions and opinions quickly. And, in a world of fast moving digital media, you need to pay attention to what your customers see on your website and what message it conveys.

Our web designers know how to test and evaluate your website’s functionality to know if a visitor understands exactly what you are about in seven seconds. This means engaging content, attracting graphics and super-quick loading speeds.

First impressions count, while social media and apps are important, it is your website that carries the serious face of your business. Does your website leave an impression?

We turn the ordinary into the extraordinary

There is an art and a science to creating a website that has the looks to attract customers and the content to keep them there. Our digital experts have been experimenting, analysing and perfecting this artistic for mula for years. And, in collaboration with the likes of Google and Microsoft, we understand what works and what doesn’t in every sector – from SMEs to multinational organisations.

Fonts, colour schemes, layouts, buttons, user experience – we know what works. Our web developers have been developing business websites that succeed in drawing people in and converting visitors into customers.

Responsive web development and design service

Have you ever thought about how many different screen sizes there are and whether your website will not just fit, but look good on each one? No, you haven’t. Because that’s our job. We ensure that your website is easy to use, performs on every platform and looks good on stadium-sized screens all the way down to tablets and smartphones.

Responsive web design is a framework for your website that either hides, shrinks, moves or adjusts the content and layout of the website depending on the size and shape of the screen the user is viewing it on. A responsive design ensures your website looks good everywhere while maximising the visitor’s user experience.

Alcimi doesn’t see responsive web design or mobile-friendly websites as a design element to overcome, they are an opportunity to include elements that can drive traffic in new ways.

Designing accessible websites

Accessibility is important; every website we produce is built to a high standard, ensuring anyone can use them regardless of age or disability. The world wide web was built for everyone to use and that’s how we approach designing your website.

Search engine optimisation

When we develop websites, we look at how they will perform in the search engines. That’s because the likes of Yahoo, Bing and especially Google, are pretty demanding SEO dictators. If you want your website to be reaching the top of the searches, it means adopting a well-rounded approach to your content. But, also, your website design and structure.

We handle all the technical SEO stuff so your site gets more visibility. And not only that, so you get more traffic through structured content and thorough SEO and keyword research for web development.


Cyber-secure website development

The threat of cyber attacks is increasing. Over 80% of all data and security breaches were due to unprotected software.

While many software companies release a minimum secure version of their programming to the open market, they believe it is ‘secure by default’. But often this isn’t the case. At Alcimi, we build software that is ‘secure by design’, therefore ensuring security is integrated into every step in the website development process.

are you ready to future proof your business?

We are on a mission to help our clients find their competitive advantage through disruptive digital innovation and marketing strategy.

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