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Brand Identity

Invite your audience to get to know you

We can help you to build your brand identity in order to establish your business and show off your personality to your target audience.

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Connect and Influence

We can help you to establish & build your brand


Use your brand to connect and influence your audience so that your business can grow. Here at Alcimi, our Graphic Designers are branding experts, and can delve deep into your company values to help you determine what should be the root of your brand. 

Invite your customers to say hello through your branding, compelling customers to get involved with your business. Your brand is your personality online and should reflect exactly who you are. We can help you to find that out and make it clear and consistent through your online assets.

Creative branding for creative solutions

Standing out from all the rest

Your brand is what relates to your audience. Have you ever thought about how colours, shapes, typography, or words affect your audience?

Here at Alcimi, we look at the bigger picture. We can ensure your authenticity shines through by building your brand in every aspect. We look at how colour psychology can affect how your audience feels, ensure that the shape of your logo matches the tone of your brand. They’re only touching the surface of what we can do. The possibilities are endless…

Logo designs that make you stand out from the rest

How can your brand show your unique values?

Your logo is the most important point of recognition for your brand. Whether you already have a concept or are looking for something completely original, we can help develop logo design and enhance what you already have in mind.

You also need to choose the most suitable font style for your brand, which will be shown on your website, your downloads, business cards and letterheads. It all creates a visual message for your customer.

That’s where we come in helping you craft that perfect combination with our suite of graphic design logo services. It’s all about creating the perfect logo and font and highlighting them using the most suitable colour palette to produce a unique brand style guide for your business.

We deliver results.

Want to see the proof of our work in action?

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