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Programmatic Advertising

A broader reach with precise audience targeting

Programmatic advertising is one of the most effective tools you can use to market your business. We will help you to analyse your data to streamline ad buying to get the most out of your budget.

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Find your audience and keep them engaged

Captivating ads for a wider reach


Let’s kick off the chat about programmatic advertising by emphasising the power of data. We know we always say how data is the best thing to guide decision-making, but here, it really is the case with how effective programmatic advertising is. We can help you to leverage the data to drive you forward and see exactly how your target audience reacts. Then, we can form the ads that respond accordingly. 

We help you with an omnichannel approach 

Showing the right audience at the right time

We recommend an omnichannel approach when it comes to programmatic advertising. It’s the best way to reach your target audience and results in an efficiency-focused plan. We can help your business set programmatic advertising goals that are scalable, and reach both your short-term and long-term business aims. You have more chance of getting results if someone sees your ad more than once, so that is why it’s recommended to do it this way. We don’t only rely on that, though, we have creative campaigns that engage your audience too. 

Rocket ROI & power sales

Being pragmatic in our strategy

Here at Alcimi, we’re reactive to the data insights that we pull through programmatic advertising, but then we’re also proactive about our strategy and approach. This means that we analyse the data and then we quickly use decision-making techniques in order to form an agile response. This drives sales and increases ROI through knowing what is working with your audience, and what can be improved. Are you ready for innovation?

We deliver results.

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