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A digital strategy is more than what your company posts on social media, it is the outline of all digital integrations to support your businesses overall needs.

At Alcimi, we believe that the successful implementation of digital strategy lies in the combination of creativity and an analytical approach.

We are digital optimisers and creative thinkers; we bring together a handpicked team of experts with extensive digital experience enabling us to deliver results for you. As a team, we use digital initiatives that fulfil your business objectives and lead to digital transformation.

Solutions we deliver

Digital Audits

Growth can be difficult to measure, and even more so to achieve. Especially in a digital world packed with options for how your brand can exist online. As a digital business, all the information available about each of them can be overwhelming.

There is no perfect recipe for digital success. Yet, one size doesn’t fit all – it’s your goals that fuel your digital strategy. It’s your business – so it should be a perfect fit. And we understand that.

When conducting an in-depth digital audit our team of experts will work with you to discover your unique goals and tailor a unique solution to reach them in an efficient and impactful way. We will evaluate your current strategy as well as current performance and recommend actionable solutions to achieve your vision online.

Data Insights

Data is the new business currency. The problem is that most organisations aren’t using it to create value, and their enterprise data – both structured and unstructured – remains under-utilised.

With our in-house expertise, we’ve cracked the code by intertwining your business complexities with data insight technology, providing you with new insights that inform making smarter decisions.

We work with our clients to solve their most complex business problems. We use our unique approach to help organisations understand their data, give structure to it, and make meaning out of it so they can truly unlock its value and create a competitive advantage. As a result, by having this business process in place, we can have embraced digital strategy.

IT Consultancy

Businesses need to ensure that they have the right IT support level to maximise operational efficiency and be competitive in their industry. Alcimi offers a range of IT Consultancy solutions from short-term to long-term projects – and everything in between.

All we need is a clear, concise brief or a rough idea of your objectives so that our consultants can put together the right team for your project, give you the best solution for your needs, and give you complete peace of mind throughout the entire process.

We are dedicated to ensuring that your business has the resources and the digital technologies that it needs to reach its full potential, allowing your customers to come first.

Cyber Security Consultancy

Cybercrime is on the rise and while businesses of all sizes need robust and fit-for-purpose cybersecurity controls to protect against attacks, the majority do not have the required in-house expertise to drive forward their own cybersecurity strategy.

As a result, organisational cyber risk remains unaddressed and security budget spend is increasingly deemed ‘too expensive’ or ‘wasteful’.

Alcimi can provide a bespoke cyber consultancy service – either as part of a service level agreement with your existing IT provider or directly – that ensures you are getting all possible value from both your organisation’s current security budget spend and services, as well as enabling steady progression of your own cybersecurity strategy.

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