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E-Commerce Email Marketing

A long term plan to build your audience

Email is a great way to reach out to customers and promote your ecommerce business. But what’s the best way to go about it? What do you want to achieve with your emails? Are you trying to promote a new product or service? Or are you simply trying to build brand awareness? 

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Meaningful content for your e-commerce marketing strategy

Encourage conversions through building relationships with your audience

E-commerce email marketing is the way forward with your content. If you’ve heard anywhere that email marketing is dead, then you’re wrong. Especially in the e-commerce industry, email marketing can generate good sales. Not only that, but it can grow your customer base and lead to significant business growth. 

Creative e-commerce email marketing campaigns

We have the ideas that will make you stand out from competitors

As an experienced team of dedicated email marketing professionals, we are ready to manage your e-commerce email campaigns. We can compose the best ideas to suit your business objectives, taking into account data and GDPR.

We tailor email marketing content to your customers, getting to know them as well as we know you and your business. We make sure that emails resonate with your customers and then we track who has opened emails, as well as which links they have clicked through to.

E-commerce email design services

Eye-catching email designs that are unique to your brand

Got some deals or new products that you want to get across in your email marketing campaign? A creative design can help to draw attention to your best deals that you want your audience to engage your audience.

We have a talented team of designers and marketing experts that design eye-catching emails that work hand-in-hand with other social and communicative channels. We will manage your e-commerce email marketing campaign from creating copy to CTAs and then track customer response.

We deliver results.

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