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E-Commerce Paid Advertising

Increase sales and grow through creative ad campaigns

A lot of people are sceptical when it comes to paying for advertising for their online store. Many believe that paying advertising is a waste of money, and that organic reach is the only way to grow a business, others have had a negative experience working with agencies that have promised the earth and failed to deliver.

Advertising is a powerful tool for driving traffic to your store and increasing sales but it needs to be done right! We will work with you to find what works and will ensure that not even a penny is wasted.

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Tangible results and targeted audience

Data to support decisions


There are so many reasons why e-commerce paid advertising is good for any e-commerce business that want to increase sales. Here at Alcimi, we believe that data is the answer for a lot of things. If you track your data insights, then you can made data-led decisions for success. That’s why using paid advertising in e-commerce businesses is so worthwhile for long term success. You can see tangible results through seeing who clicked on your ad, and look at conversions. Learn more about your audience and therefore improve your sales strategy. 

Creative ad campaigns suited to your

e-commerce business 

We let your personality shine through your ads

Whatever your brand, message or product, we make sure that we know your business in depth, and reflect that through paid ads. They’re not any ads,  they’re authentic to you so that you stand out over social platforms. We offer consultancy services to guide you with your decision of what platform will encourage the most conversions and drive sales. Your industry, business objectives, and strategies all matter when it comes to deciding what kind of content and which platform you want to use for paid advertising. But, we can help with that. 

The online platform that’s right for you

We can help you choose an ad strategy that brings you success

We offer paid advertising services for TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. It’s really up to you what platforms you want to use, but we can analyse your business goals to work out which platform is the best one to use for the best reach and engagement, that will then lead to conversions. 



We deliver results.

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