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Data Insights

Data analytics and insights for charity improvement and growth

We LOVE data and we understand how important it is in the success of your organisation. We can help you to better understand your donor base, identify trends, and make decisions about where to allocate resources. By understanding your data, charities can ensure that they are making the most impactful use of their donations.

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Agility & improvement

Analytics and metrics to encourage charity growth


So, why does your charity need data insights? Well, data insights allow your charity to optimise and improve by organising and interpreting your data. Organising information and analytics can gain a much deeper understanding into a particular organisation; highlighting its weaknesses, threats, opportunities and potential.

Data insights are different between industries and even different within departments of the same organisation. They can be used to optimise processes to improve performance or to uncover new products, services and even markets that can add revenue. Here at Alcimi, we can provide you with data insights no matter where you are in the charity sector, to ensure your charity processes are agile, making it easier for charity growth.

Lead with data 

Validate your decisions through data insights

In the charity sector, there’s a lot of data to gather. Think about donations, charity campaigns and more. Your core charity functions can be improved by having regular data insight so that you can have complete integrity and transparency.

We clearly define your charity objectives, whether it is simply generating more leads or improving production lead times. Collecting data can be as easy as establishing a suitable CRM platform or helping your organisation adopt a systematic process to pull in data. Then it can be analysed and key insights generated to help your charity improve.

We deliver results.

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