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Google Ad Grants

Ensuring your charity gets the maximum impact for your cause

We offer Google Ad Grants management and strategy to help you gain the best impact of the funds, to help you with charity growth.
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Our Alcimi process to help you

Google Ad Grants Management and Strategy

We want to help you extend your message and achieve a bigger audience reach. We have a wealth of experience working with the charity sector, and we want to use our expertise to ensure that you make the most of Google Ad opportunities whilst there are grants available. Let’s have a look at what you can expect from our Alcimi process… 

We start off by offering Google Ad Grants Account setup, and then start to build them and build an effective ad strategy. We ensure that ads include keyword optimisation and creative copy to lead to increased conversions. 

Once the Google Ad Grants have been created and the strategy is in place, we ensure that we carry out ongoing Google Ad Grants management, so that we can be agile in our approach. That means that you can get the maximum impact out of Google Ads in response to audience actions.  

One of the most important parts of our strategy for Google Ad Grants is conversion tracking. That’s because it’s one of the main charity objectives. We want to make sure that the ad strategy is getting you the most conversions that it possibly can, so we check data insights regularly.

Why your charity should use Google Ad Grants

Well, why not?!

It’s free advertising for non-profits, and that can only be a good thing. The Ad Grants scheme provides more than £7,500 of free Google Ads every month to eligible non-profit organisations. Imagine the impact that Google Ads could have on your charity campaigns, fundraising projects and more. We can help you apply, or manage them, to support your cause and help you make a difference.

We deliver results.

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