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Phishing Simulations

Raise your staff’s awareness of phishing emails

Guard your business against the growing trend of social-engineering threats. By training your employees about what a phishing attack looks like, they are more likely to identify and report scams.

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What is Phishing?

Don’t take the bait!

Phishing is a type of fraud in which cyber criminals use fake emails or websites to deceive users into revealing sensitive personal information, such as login credentials and bank account numbers.

Phishing is often done through deceptive means, such as posing as a legitimate company or organisation in order to trick unsuspecting victims into giving up their sensitive information. Phishing attacks can also occur through text messages, social media platforms, or even telephone calls. Because phishing poses a serious threat to online security, it is important for users to be aware of the signs of a phishing attack and know how to protect themselves against these scams. 

What is Phishing Simulation?

Train your employees and protect your organisation

Phishing simulations are designed to help businesses and organisations identify and prevent online security breaches. Phishing simulations work by generating realistic online threats, such as phishing emails or fraudulent websites, which users may then be tempted to interact with. By exposing employees to these simulated attacks, businesses can gauge their susceptibility to phishing scams and take steps to address any vulnerabilities they may find.

Phishing simulations can also be useful for ongoing security training, as they allow employees to hone their phishing defenses over time. Overall, they are an important tool for helping companies maintain data security and protect themselves from cyber criminals.

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